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In local histories one could certainly find more data about it, but on the internet it has only a single occurrence.

There were surely several photos taken on the territory of the Lensk Mining District as well, if this one is numbered as 58.

Now they bend down to throw money in the center of the circle or to clean up the winnings, now the toss their heads to stare at the sky, with their eyes following the path of the way of the petak [five kopeks], and then running violently to where it fell on the ground.

If the head is up, then only the thrower bends down to pick up all the money, while the others dig out new stake from their pockets and erect new columns of copper and silver coins, with the silver ones on the top so it could be clearly seen how much money it is.

In tutti gli altri casi il gioco è sbilanciato, solitamente a favore del banco.

Nel Superenalotto ogni puntata costa 0,5 euro e concorre a far vincere con 5 possibili combinazioni 6, 5 1, 5, 4 e 3.

È più probabile ricevere soldi a un Bancomat digitando un numero a caso: 1 su 90.000.Eight further ones can be seen on the portal devoted to the vintage postcards of the Russian Empire. The next day at five o’clock in the morning the general mobilization was ordered in Russia.The sender of the postcard informs Anna Alexandrovna that if all goes well, he will arrive between 20 and 22 August to St. But then they certainly would have had some different festive entertainment.“If on a Sunday you looked down from the hill, you could only see the restless groups of those playing “heads or tails” everywhere.

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