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It's that reality check that shows you so much quicker the way away from him and back to the place where you belong, with yourself, with your own life, with a new fresh start. If he's ready for something more than the silence, you will absolutely be the first to know.

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Is it worth where you've found yourself, in this place where you're not really living, not wanting to believe what would have saved you so many tears, so much living in a type of fantasy, holding on so tightly to those last words of his that so clearly meant nothing to him in the end? We can't stand it, but it's oh so necessary for you to hear it. Silence means he's not looking for the same thing you are, or on the same page as you.

So to call, to go back there, to drive by the place where he lived or worked, yes, they may admit to the world and ourselves just how obsessively we can love someone and not be ready to move on, but to see him with someone else, to see the reality that he is, in fact, happy – so very happy without us in his life – and that he's not missing you at all, but was out enjoying his freedom getting on with his own life, kind of clarity has the power to save us from putting ourselves through this facade any longer. If you shut out the noise of all the advice, however well-meaning it is, and just listen to your own heart and soul. You might not know for sure, but I know there is one thing you know for sure.

We want to provide you with an environment that is right for you.

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