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The city was originally built on an island of Lake Texcoco by the Aztecs in 1325 as Tenochtitlan, which was almost completely destroyed in the 1521 siege of Tenochtitlan, and subsequently redesigned and rebuilt in accordance with the Spanish urban standards.In 1524, the municipality of Mexico City was established, known as México Tenochtitlán, After independence from Spain was achieved, the federal district was created in 1824.Explore the romantic plaza, the oldest in Mexico, with strolling mariachis, serenading guitarists and marimba bands. BLDDay 4 – Villa Hermosa, Olmec, Palenque Mango orchards and pineapple fields give way to lush vegetation and tropical flowers on your drive east today (a box lunch en route). Continue to Palenque for a relaxing two night stay. See the Main Plaza, the Temple of the Inscriptions and the Group of the Cross. B In Latin America, Caravan transfers you between the airport and hotel on the starting and ending dates of your tour. Here is a list of some of the airlines that service this tour.See the four story observation tower rising from the huge rectangular palace. Next, drive by Mexico City’s main square and Cathedral.

He did not establish a territory under his own personal rule, but remained loyal to the Spanish crown.

The city had been the capital of the Aztec empire and in the colonial era, Mexico City became the capital of New Spain.

The viceroy of Mexico or vice-king lived in the viceregal palace on the main square or Zócalo.

Day 1 – Mexico City Welcome to the glory of Old Mexico.

See the ancient cultures of the Nahua, Aztec, Olmec, Toltec, and Mayan civilizations.

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