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Perhaps the most intriguing Valentine's statistic of all, however, is the 5.3 per cent of you who confessed you will be sending a secret Valentine's message this year, but not to your partner.But perhaps they might prefer a bar of chocolate or even just a nice cup of tea instead.

"You don't necessarily have to go outside, but just make small changes like having sex with the lights on, in the bathroom, or even just at a different time of day.

And just like the kids who can’t keep the details of Daddy’s Christmas gift a secret, we decided we couldn’t wait until January 1 to share some of our big news – we’re letting you in on some of it NOW.

We have new Avatars, one for the website and regular podcast: And one for the Men’s Podcast: And did you notice our new tagline? The will feature exclusive interviews with men from every part of the globe – both foreign and domestic.

Behind the scenes we’ve been busier than Santa’s elves, setting things in motion and getting everything in place for the New Year.

We have some VERY BIG plans in store for The Swirl World in 2015.

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