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Kim Jung-hwa is currently in the musical "Those Days". - Post only in English, as this is an English language community.- Do not request or mention illegal download/streaming services. - Respect the right of other users to share their opinion. Comments which break the rules will be moderated or erased. Kim Yoo Jung smartly turned down a step backward in School 2017, headlining a high school drama is still age appropriate for her but her experience is really beyond that.Maybe she will take on more serious dramas or movies to challenge herself after the fluffy hit but I get the sense that she has a smart head on her shoulders.

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Her agency claimed on the 16th that Kim Jung-hwa was in a relationship with the CCM song writer and missionary Yoo Eun-seong but possibilities of marriage was being re-confirmed. my personal request i want you to act with Gong Yoo again..I hope you can meet again in the latest drama after 10 years of drama " Coffee Prince " finished. for whatever korean netizen said or every issue has spread in korea remember that you still have a loyal fans in another place, in another country that willingly buying and having every thing about you, even we collect the magazine that makes you as its cover.Meanwhile, a media reported that Kim Jung-hwa and CCM song writer Yoo Eun-seong were in a relationship.They met for the first time through the drama, "Hello, Agnes" and continued their friendship with charity work.

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